The Team


Welcome to Team Burly HQ! We are proud to work with some of the most talented people working in the South-West Burlesque and Cabaret industry, and pride ourselves on showcasing hidden gems! We have an amazing team of people working throughout the year to put on shows, workshops, classes, events and general merriment, ensuring Plymouth is a sparkly place to be all year round!


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Copyright: Zuleika Fray 2016.

Fantastic Ms Fanny – compere extraordinaire, burlesque teacher and co-creator of Burlesque in the Basement! Ms Fanny has been performing burlesque since 2008 and teaching for the past 5 years. Her specialism is comedy and improvisation, but she also adores the classic burlesque style epitomised by some of her burlesque idols including Dirty Martini and Missy Lisa! Ms Fanny is resident instructor for UPSU Burlesque Society alongside running classes across the South-West.

Best Burlesque moment – “having the whole audience on their feet cheering my festival routine at Volksfest, I felt like a rock star!”

Favourite routine – my ‘Ode to Swifty’ act is the ultimate guilty pleasure, for me AND the audience!


Angelique Dominique – Resident performer 2014-15 and co-creator of Burlesque in the Basement. Angelique started burlesque classes at the age of 18 and has been an unstoppable force in the burlesque industry ever since. Renowned for high energy acts with quirky narratives, one of Angelique’s first major achievements was winning ‘Stars in their Bras’ newcomer show one year into her Burlesque journey. She now performs all over the UK, and founded Burlesque in the Basement with her long time friend and partner in crime Fantastic Ms Fanny.

Best Burlesque Moment – “competing at the World Burlesque Games final in 2015 – I was incredibly proud to be performing alongside such wonderful acts.”

Favourite Routine – “my award winning act ‘The Red Shoes’!”

Betty Boom Boom – Stage manager, teaching assistant an11356339_657526767682390_1811340330_nd Captain of the Glitter Ship! Betty is the organised right arm of Team Burly, keeping shows ticking over and making sure everyone is behaving themselves! Betty trained in acting before crossing over into Burlesque, and alongside performing is a regular featured cosplayer at conventions and events all over the UK. Betty specialises in character burlesque, and particularly enjoys getting the audience involved in her acts (though not always by choice – they just keep wandering onto the stage at inopportune moments!)

Best Burlesque Moment – “performing at the BitB Birthday Show with my Betty Page tribute act, it was great to see people appreciating my naff dance moves and amazing facial expressions!”

Favourite Routine – “my Doctor Who act is a big crowd pleaser and my life’s passion! GERONIMO!!”

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